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Past litters


Fallen Angel of X-rats x Fido of X-rats

15. 7. 2009

ObrazekMy first attemp of inbreeding litter. The beginning of my planning line. Fallen Angel was the same perfect mother as her mother was. There were born nice Himalayans and probably some goldens.

Litter G of X-rats


Mayumi van Rattonia x Jaguar van TumTum

27. 12. 2008

ObrazekMy first totally imported litter. Finally first whole siamese litter of perfect sweet mother Elfarran. For more there were born first golden himalayans in middle Europe!

Litter F of X-rats


Rian von Pako x Bebešin Šimpanz

15. 11. 2008

ObrazekMy second litter of Rian. Even this litter have its first place - there was born first odd-eye baby in my rattery!

Litter E of X-rats


Rian von Pako x Cara´s Sweety Cyan

16. 7. 2008

ObrazekMy first litter with standard ears, with imported father and really colourfull litter. It was numerous litter, but Rian was great!

Litter D of X-rats


Bublina OdAdush x Cargo de Euridikaaa

23. 10. 2007

ObrazekMy first litter of wavy coat and my first attempt for siamese variety. There were born only himalayans, but beautiful!

Litter C of X-rats


Cikorka Skanálu x Blue Z Hůrky

22. 2. 2007

ObrazekMy second litter of perfect mother Cikorka. She also adopted 2 babies of her daughter Alkéstis, because she had complication during the birth.

Litter B of X-rats


Cikorka Skanálu x Blueberry Hakalla

27. 9. 2006

ObrazekMy first ritten named by my rattery X-rats and my first litter after my bred baby - Cikorka.

Litter A of X-rats


Alaska Skanálu x Eddie of PotkanMarvel

28. 3. 2006

ObrazekMy first litter registrated under different rattery. But I and amazing mother Pimpinella took care about the litter.

Litter C Skanálu